Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Perfect Timing Review By Thuggishruggish

Time to review the last official album of The Outlawz "Perfect Timing". This is like the final chapter of the Outlawz Legacy and a dope album. 15 years in the game since murder of there brothers Tupac & Kadafi so its been a long ride.

Intro - Change Gon Come (Feat. Prentice of Tru Soul)
Dope intro to kick off the album, couldn't think of a better intro than this. Sets the record straight for the people and gets you in the mood for the final album.

Perfect Timing (Feat. Chae) - 9/10
This beat is hella tight, love how the beats kick off. Chae on the hook is dope and completes this track. The Outlawz also spit dope versus for the first real song of the album. All the lawz topped this one just as good as each other making a dope track overall.

Keep It Lit - 9/10
Dope piano line on this track, has that west coast kind of feeling. Hussein Fatal starts this one off with a dope verse. EDI kills the chorus and his verse same with Young Nobles verse. Noble had a dope verse. Outlawz keeping it lit for sure, giving us that fire.

Fast Lane (Feat. Malakai) - 10/10

This track is that traditional Outlawz motivational go on your grind track. Track on this beat is off the chain, goes hard and fits the track well. Young Noble kicks this one of with a dope verse and the chorus on this track is hella dope, Noble killed that shit for real. Fatal & EDI did there thing on this track to, this track one of my fav tracks for sure as well.

Pay Off (Feat. Young Buck, Kastro) - 8/10
This beat has a dark hard feeling to it. Noble kicks this track of with a hot verse with Young Buck on the chorus. Kastro spits his verse 2nd with Young Bucks verse straight after that. Fatal & EDI end this track making an overall classic. This track will def grow on you over time and is an important track as it will be one of the last songs with all the Outlawz on it.

Paranoid (Feat. Z-Ro, Trae Tha Truth, June Summers) - 9/10
This beat sounds like a typical southern style beat but sounds hot. June Summers is the guy singing on the hook and he did a good job. Z-RO & Trae on the same track means its sure to be fire! Z-RO & Trae both spit hard real dope verses on this track. Dope song concept and idea plus lawz killed it.

Pushin' On (Feat. Scarface, Lloyd) - 10/10
We all know this classic track which previously came out with Outlawz, Aktual & Tru Life. This mix up of the track is dope tho, they replaced Aktual with Lloyd and Tru Life with Scarface making an already classic track into an even more classic track. Listen to the lyrics Noble/ EDI & Scarface spit on this track, all of them spit dope/deep real lyrics. Overall this track is a beast in every aspect.

Tell Me Sumthin' Good - 9/10

This track is fast paced with a feeling that lifts you up. This type of track would be ideal for a single if they get around to it. Regardless if you listen to the Outlawz lyrics on this track they still kept it real and spit that fire on this track.

Once In A Lifetime (Feat. Aktual) - 10/10
Something about this track & beat makes me go damn this is dope as hell. The beat is something different and still sounds dope as hell. Fatal kicks it off with a classic dope verse as well. EDI & Noble killed this track as well. Dope track

So Clean (Feat. Stormey) - 8/10
They couldn't forget about there homeboy Stormey Coleman whos been down with the Lawz for a while now and went on there world tours with them. Beat goes hard on this track to, love the horns on this one. To me Stormey spit one of his best versus-es on this track, Outlawz killed this track to. Nice track overall.

100 MPH (Feat. Bun B, LLoyd) - 9/10
This track droped as the single a while back and ever since it dropped its been a dope track. Bun B & The Outlawz are a deadly combination as we first saw in the Outlawz 4 Life AP album on track "Big Ballin". Noble/EDI & Fatal all did there thing on this track and same with Loyld. This the perfect single and would of been dope as hell if it took of on the radio but we all know the Lawz have been black balled since pac passed and they aint guna pay half a mill to get there tracks played all the time.

Remember Me (Feat. Tony Williams) - 7/10
Some people will love this track but this isnt my cup of tea. Still this track is one that will grow over time and fits the album well.

Borrowed Time (Feat. Livya Lee) - 9/10
This track is a straight up banger, could imagine this track popin off at parties and at the clubs. I don't know if its me but this beat sounds like "LL Cool J - Baby ft. The Dream". Overall this track is dope and I will be banging this at parties I goto for sure.

Don't Wait (Feat. Krayzie Bone) - 9/10
Dope beat/ track concept and idea. Highlight of this track is definitely Krayzie Bones verse! He completely destroyed this track for the Lawz. Overall this a dope chilled out deep track.

New Years (Feat. Tech N9ne) - 7/10
Interesting track this is, I can tell this track will grow on me and become one of the doper tracks of the album. Goes hard & Tech Nine kills it. This a certified banger. EDI killed this track.

All The Time (Feat. Belly) - 10/10
Final track of the Outlawz album, beat goes hard and reminds me of a swizz beats/ DMX style beat. And damn, if DMX was on this track it would be KRAZYYYYYYYY!. Still this track goes hard, all the Outlawz spit dope verses on this track. But I gota give it up to Young Noble on this track, his flow and lyrics were on point on this track and go hard.

Overall I can definitely say this is the Outlawz best album hands down. I can listen to every track from beginning to end, lyrics were dope, features were tight and production was crack on this album. This album easily deserves a 9/10 as a whole piece of work and they should definitely not stop and bring us more Outlawz albums like this! This album is also up there with "Outlawz - Still I Rise" for sure

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