Friday, 18 May 2012

E.D.I Blogs (Part. 13) Gay Marriage, Obama And The Bible

I have friends and family that are gay as the day is long. Some in the open some in the “closet”. It was never a big deal to me. In Most cases we all knew from a pretty early age who and what they were. I remember hearing the ol heads saying things like “Yeah, that one got a lil sugar in his tank….” I believe people are born homosexual, just like others are born straight. In MY opinion people don’t wake up and say “Fuck it, I’m gay today!” NO, even if it was suppressed or denied, it was always there. I love the whole “gay debate” because it gets the religious zealots and fake tuff niggas all riled up! Lol. I been round cats and the subject of homo’s come up and these fools start goin in, fa real… “Man, I hate fags! That shit is disgusting… Shit if I ever went to jail, I aint washin no niggas draws! Imma Die first! But shit, I do like to see two chicks gettin it in, ain’t nothing wrong wit that…!” The extra religious ones will hit you with bible scriptures “Leviticus 20:13 says “If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.” Then swear up and down that gives them the right to harm these people! What’s really funny, is that now you have people who don’t want to appear homophobic, sounding like the classic racist… “Look I have friends that are Gay, I just don’t want them around me or my children…” Sounds awfully familiar. They said the same thing about us back in the day and even still, today. The Preachers, who in the day time, quote the Bible verse I quoted earlier, at night, use their power and influence to manipulate young boys and for their own sexual desires. They act like they don’t remember that their own people faced some what similar obstacles in their quest for equality and basics liberties.

Some of these guys slammed Obama, because Recently, this country’s President came out In support of Gay marriage, causing a stir within the media. I could be wrong, but I believe it’s a first.Although it’s kind of like a President saying he’s in favor of Blacks or Mexicans being allowed to marry. It should be a natural right. Now I’m no fan of the institution Of marriage in an of it self. I believe that two people., in love, can exist without the paper work! We all know things change, people change, along with feelings. That little piece of paper can hold up a persons whole life. Divorce sucks! Still, if two people wanna travel down that road, more power to ya! They should have the right. Who cares? Well apparently alot of people do. A recent poll had the country split down the middle on the subject. If you poll the Hiphop community, it becomes a whole other ball of wax. (No pun…) The often overused catch phrase “No Homo” is popular amongst some. I recently had a young artist try to express what our music meant to him. But In doing so, he kept repeating ” yo Fa real, no homo, I love y’all dudes…” Since when did showing “love” and admiration Become a possibility of being Gay? So much so, you had to remind me you weren’t. I’m positive we have gay fans and it’s no Biggie. Lady Gaga has made and sold millions of records pandering to the LGBT community. Rumors of Nicki Minaj’s sexuality run amuck. There has never been any major openly Gay rapper, ever. But trust, some of your biggest names are in the closet on some ol RKelly ish. The very ones that’s be talkin that player/thug shit too! To me, if your secure in your own sexuality, what people do with there genitals wouldn’t matter to you. How many times have we heard about a right-wing uber christian politician, being caught in a “sticky situation” and exposed. Maybe if they could be themselves and not fear backlash for being gay, they wouldn’t have to hide in a cesspool of hypocrisy. There is some form of Homosexuality in every living species on the planet (look it up)… TO EACH HiS OWN.
P.s. New song with this blog, y’all enjoy. The Hope Dealer.
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