Sunday, 15 April 2012

Young Noble Interview With

(AllHipHop News) Outlawz group member Young Noble recently spoke with about his recently released new mixtape “Outlaw Rydahz Vol.1.”
“It’s actually my first solo mixtape. I got everyone on there, Young Buck, Trae the Truth and of course my Outlaw comrads,” Young Noble told “I’m working on another mixtape which is going to be solo, just me. I think my fans deserve that.”
According to Young Noble, The Outlawz, who released “Perfect Timing” in x of y, have decided to use 2012 as a year to focus on themselves as individuals.
“Me and my Outlaw brothers are focusing on doing individual s**t this year,” Young Noble told “I started N.J. Entertainment, that’s my label. I’m going to be dropping a whole bunch of independent artists I’m [also] starting an online distribution for independent artists.
Young Noble took a moment to speak on the inspiration he received from the late Tupac and how it was inevitable that he and B.I.G. would have reunited.
“I know for sure if Pac and B.I.G. was alive they would have been got to together and squash that shit and probaly took over the game together,” Young Noble told
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