Monday, 9 April 2012

E.D.I Blogs (Part.12) WTF??? (Why we don’t ask any real questions.)

I recall back when we were working on the MAKAVELI album, we were reading all types of shit. One day Pac came home with a bunch of books and began handing them out. Everything from “Blood In my Eye” by George Jackson, to “how to make home made bombs.”(!) Anyway, the shit we were reading eventually led to some serious dialogue. A lot of what we were talking about ended up in songs like “Blasphemy” and “Black Jesus”. Tupac began asking some REAL questions to anybody that would listen. Its 2012 and no one, that I know of, is bold enough or willing to ask any questions other than the obvious ones. “DO you love this shit?” “Are u high right now?” Cool song but those questions are not the ones this generation should be asking and we should careless about whatever the answer is! Because behind the scenes, in those questions and answers, is where all the action is taking place. So I got a few head scratchers for yall. Some real questions that I don’t expect people to answer. I just want us to think a little more, because a dumbed down society is an easy pray for the vicious vultures that await the perfect moment to strike at us. I asked a question that was on my mind for a few days prior to Easter, on Twitter, and was surprised by the chatter it started. It Inspired this blog that you are reading right now.Lehgo!

If Jesus died on “Good Friday and was resurrected three days later, why does most of the world celebrate Easter on Sunday instead of Monday? Also. What is Good about the day he allegedly died? Why did the Supreme Court just pass a law that allows the Police to strip search you for a misdemeanor, secretly? Why Is George Zimmerman STILL a free man, and its been over a month since young Treyvon was Unexplainably gunned down, by him? Why did a good friend of ours, Akili Stewart’s a.k.a “Big baldie’s” (RIP) charred remains found 60 miles outside the city of Atlanta, just a couple weeks ago? Police, of course, have no clues or leads. When did the value of a Black man’s life become so cheap? Why is “popular rap” so fucking corny? Does anybody love anymore? (Shoutout to @Translee, download his mixtape ASAFP!) Why do some of ya’ll care if Kanye and Kim are back together or not? Is your life that miserable, that you must spend most of your time concerned about theirs? Where are we running? Or, what is that we are running from? Is it our own shadows? Who do you Believe in? I hope it’s yourself! Is every Fermat number 22n + 1 composite for n > 4? (lol). Why is Melah still having Seizures?
When will the United States leave Afganistan? Why are old episodes of Martin the funniest shit goin? Will the Lakers win it all this year? Is Nikki Minaj’s ass really that big, or is them some ass shots? Why would a black woman need ass shots in the first place? Who owns the Federal Reserve? Why are we forced to pay taxes even though there is NO written law in the Constitution stating that we must? Is the “Hunger Games” a preview of what’s to come for todays youth? Who the fuck knocked Snooky’s ugly ass up? I could go on and on, but that’s not the point. Lets just start asking questions again, to our parents, friends, teachers, mates etc. Lets be critical thinkers in the face of some critical times. Lets not except everything that’s handed to us in a pretty package. Remember, to quote an often used catch phrase President Obama used during his 2008 Presidential run, “the devil is in the details.” Seek knowledge. It’s the fool, who thinks he knows it all!

P.S. I got a stack for anybody who can answer the math question! TheHopeDealer

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  1. Damn good post. People suck these days.