Wednesday, 15 February 2012

E.D.I Blogs (Part.9) February

February, what a month huh?
Depending on where you are in the world, it’s the coldest month of the year. Also, unless you have a significant other, it can be pretty cold for other reasons as well. Us guys are expected to go all out or “sleep on the couch” if you know what I mean! Ok, before I go any further, lets address the “elephant in the room” asap…Black His-story falls this month and we all know it’s the shortest month of the year. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, lets go all the way back to the beginning. Black History Month actually started as a weeklong event and its creator was Carter G. Woodson (1875-1950). He originally wanted to spotlight the forgotten men and woman that were being excluded from the textbooks of his time. Now this guy was pretty daam special himself, the son of former slaves, his people were too poor to send him to school, so he essentially taught himself to read and write and do math. (Desire folks!) Eventually graduating high school in two years, he would go on to receive degrees from The U of Chicago and also Harvard, Jeremy Lin’s alma matta (MORE ON HIM LATER). Am I the only one wondering…”If this guy was so smart, why didn’t he pick a longer month?” Its wildly speculated that he chose February because of Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas’s bdays…yeah,ok. Hey! Boys and girls every month can be Black History month, day, etc…Whatever we want it to be! Our History is rich and plentiful and could and should be researched by any and all races.
I just hate what it does to us physiologically, to have to celebrate it in February, I mean. So Right now on this very day I say we move this shit to March and run it through August or something! It’s turned into a money making, corny little side note of thing that most people, white or black, pay very little attention to, any way. (Sigh…)
Daam… We’ve already lost Don “Soul Train” Cornelius and now as recently as this past weekend, Whitney. FUCK! Where’s March @ before Prince or Oprah turns up belly up! In a minute this month is going to be known as the month some of our great black icons came up short! Malcolm returned back to the essence on the 21st of this month way back in 1965. I don’t like February for that alone! Now Whitney! “Bettanot nobody say nothing bad about no Whitney Houston round me!” No seriously though, Grammy’s and Oscars Award shows also air this month. Let me say this first, in my opinion, this years Grammy Awards was probably the worst in a long time. Slow, boring and really dry it was not worthy of the almost four hours it took to look at. NO wonder Kanye and Jay aint go! Shit if Michael and Whitney needed to sleep and couldn’t, they could’ve watched that bullshit and slept like babies, no drugs needed! That’s until Nicki Minaj’s performance. Now that shit woke up the dead, literally! WTF!!!!! Talk about way over people’s heads…. That shit ruined my dinner. All the religious innuendos and bad singing was enough to make me wish for a LIL KIM and Foxy Brown reunion tour. Somebody get Bahamadia on the phone! (Do your research yall…) I think Nicki is a dope rapper, don’t get me wrong, but you can’t out “Lady Gaga” Lady Gaga, when she’s trying to out “Maddona” Madonna! Didn’t her management or The Grammy producers see that shit in rehearsals and say “uhh I don’t know about this one Nicki… I mean we’re cool with the whole levitation bit but you deep throating your lip-stick might be a bit much…”
Only 4 U.S. presidents were born in the month of February. Harrison, Reagan, Lincoln and of course Washington. Yet we still have Presidents day this month. All these cats were slave owners (including Reagan, but that’s another blog) and that’s where “they” like to start our historical contribution to the world.
Valentines’s Day?…Need I say more… Out of all the Pagan holy-days that we worship, this has to be the 1 that annoys me the most! 1ST OF ALL it’s named after some oldmartyr from the 400 A.D. time period. He may have died on the 14th or was born on that day. Who know’s!?! That shit was so long ago, do we really care? All I know is that this dude and his name has got a lot of you squares goin broke, in fear of getting dumped by yaol’lady. So y’all run out and try and find that perfect gift, or if you are like the old me you go and by a few different items i.e. Candy, jewelry, cards, flowers etc and hope one of these mindless items saves your ass. And what do we get?
0. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nathan. Donut. EggShell.
S’m bullshit right there yall. Ladies, be honest. Love should be celebrated year round, everyday, just like Black History Month! Listen, if you only do something nice and sweet for your girl/guy one day out of the year you will be dismissed, eventually. Again with the commercialism of it all, so blatantly over the top! From TV commercials to movies and music it’s pumped down your throat for a whole 28 days (sometimes 29) until you shit out a heart-shaped turd. Who decided it was a day for ladies only? Probably some genius who knew that some guys will do almost anything for, eh hem, pussy! It’s the power of the “P” folks.
I think, in the future, when we look back on February 2012 we will say to ourselves “this is a February for the history books”! Some crazy shit done went down and we haven’t even finished the month. We lost to Black Icons on the heels of losing Ms.Etta James in January (RIP). The Giants destroyed the Patriots, in the midst of Madonna’s half-time ritual . So many “signs” during her performance I’m sure the Illuminati zealots were tweaking like a mugg. (who saw that “all seeing eye?) In other WTF sports news we have a real bonified Asian basketball star. Jeremy Lin came out of nowhere and erased any memory of Yao Ming. Gas prices are once again shooting through the roof, for no apparent real reason. Syria is killing its people left and right. Some lunatic named Josh Powell, who was suspected of killing his wife, set his home on fire, killing him self and his two little boys! This guy has a kiddie-porn watching Dad to boot, who is sitting in a cell as you read this.
Two months into 2012 and this is the shit we gotta put up with? I can only Imagine what these next 10 months are going to be like. All I can say is strap up and stay down, Itsgonna be one helluva ride…
P.S. Imhalf-way finished with “TheHopeDealer”. It’s some of my best work pre-pac, during-pac and post-pac. I gotta a lot of shit to say… some feelings may be hurt, some cards are gonna be pulled…but…FUCK IT.

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