Monday, 16 January 2012

E.D.I Blogs (Part.7) Black Leadrership In 2012

TheKing (Martin Luther not T.I) was a hopeless dreamer. If he really did have that “dream”, as he so eloquently stated in the seminal speech he gave some 40 somthin years ago, then it was more than likely a nightmare in my opinion. Why did we feel the need to have to eat with whites, go to school, work, live etc… ? I think I’m with the whole “separate but equal” ideology some adhered to back then. Shit I’m like if this, if you don’t want to be around me…HOLLA! Simple as that. I believe we are entitled to the “American Dream” they sold and continue to sell us just like King, but here’s where we differ. I don’t seek validation from whites or any other people for my existence.
No I do not hate whites, but I do despise bigots of any race or hue. King preached non-violence in reply to the brutality of your enemy, and to this day, is revered as “the greatest black man ever!” lol. He has been commercialized to no end. He is as American as apple pie and and well, AppleInc too! Malcolm X has been to, somewhat. In the late 80’s, early 90’, you could see the X and his trademark glasses and focused look on t-shirts and hats on the young and old-school at that time all over the place. Spike did the movie (the one The nation let him do) and Malcolm was “in” for a minute and then…. Is this what happens to our leaders, eventually? Do we either get, knocked off or hit off ($$$!) and fade to black, literally? It seems as if we get the love we deserve once we are not a threat anymore? More Importantly, do we even give a fuck these days? So many of us are focused on ourselves and “getting this money” to think about mobilizing and protesting for a common black cause. The Occupy WallSt movement maybe what King envisioned in his epic dream. It is at it’s core a non- racial plight, and more of a “people” issue. Blacks, Whites and many other races have jumped on this bandwagon. It also has many different leaders and captains, so it’s enemies cant zero in, yet. Or is over before it really started?!? With todays “fast food” society the way it is, the whole “occupy” thing might be so “2011” and outta style, just that fast!

If today’s leaders are the rappers, as I’ve heard some oldheads say, then we as a people are fucked. We’re entertainers and yeah we should feel some sort of responsibility to the communities that birthed us, but most just don’t. Ni99az do more “shoutin out” to there hoods then actual help. An occasional bloc-party and the annual toy drives around Christmas is not enough. Do you see what’s goin on these days? Like 30 ni99az got shot in Philly over the past 36hours! It’s fucked up in the streets, right now. These dudes talk all this “trap” shit but trust me they ‘reminissin’ on some MaryJ shit. It sounds good on wax though, and it is ENTERTAINMENT. Jesse Jackson got caught on tape sayin he’d cut Obama’s balls off, when he thought his mic was mute during an interview. That was some ol’ rapper shit right there! Was Jesse hatin? Only he knows and at this point does it matter? Probably not. Obama is president and is in the process of doing what all presidents do…exactly what their told! Dude, he just passed a law that grants him and the U.S. fuckin government the power to detain you with out due process! We are now China. And might as well be since they own most of this country anyway. Obama was the perfect blend of Malcolm and Martin though wasn’t he? That shit was cold how they had some of yall goin! Looks like Malcolm and gave speeches like King, coldblooded. They said “lets give em exactly what they want… a savior.” And people ate that shit up like it gov’ment cheese. Had Oprah ass all cryin and shit, priceless. If Jigga really got Obama on the speed dial he need to holla at em and tell em that shit he pulled during the holidays, while most people were caught up buyin gifts and shit, was not cool. Daam we got a “black” prez and he’s not even… well let me not jump to judgment just yet. If he get’s a second term (see my last blog) maybe he’ll really get busy and change some shit. Don’t old ya breath. Sharpton and most of the Reverands turned riders have rode their last ride… Its time for new blood: Throughout history, it’s always been the youth that sparked any great revolution. So what are we left with? Entertainers, sports players….

Its 2012, may I suggest that we all become individual leaders. It starts at home with us becoming better leaders of our own families! J. Edgar hoover believed there could never be a black “messiah” in this country, and made sure it wasn’t till the day he died. Tupac said “even though it seems heaven sent, we ain’t ready to have a Black President” over 20 years ago. Both maybe right.


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