Wednesday, 21 September 2011

E.D.I. Mean Reveals How 2Pac Felt About Fatherhood

In light of the recent 15 year anniversary of Tupac Shakur‘s passing, SOHH recently sat down with the late rap mogul’s OutlawzE.D.I. Mean to find out what life lessons he learned from being around him. group member
Although Pac dropped plenty of gems on the crew, E.D.I. Mean said a discussion about fatherhood has remained with him.
“It’s funny because I was just talking to a friend of mine the other day and I told him something Pac told me and it was definitely on a personal level when it was just me and him,” E.D.I. Mean told SOHH. “He told me several things but one that always stuck with me, I was the first one out of the group to have a child, and we all grew up without fathers, so he told me how important it is to stay in your son’s life. He was just staying on me about being a father, a real father and not just a parttime father. That always stuck with me and I’m a father of six and I’m a father to each and every one of them.” (SOHH)
E.D.I. Mean also feels in 2011 and moving forward, it is more fashionable for men to take pride in being fathers.“Pac was definitely about family,” E.D.I. added. “He was about men being real men and raising their children. We lost a whole generation so now it’s up to us be more fathers. I feel like it’s coming back. I think it’s in style now to be a father.” (SOHH)

In August, Cash Money Records’ Bow Wow talked to SOHH about recently becoming a father.“Fatherhood is beautiful, know what I mean? I can’t complain, it made me a better rapper, and a better man,” Bow Wow told SOHH. “It made me see life differently. Clearly. It made me turn into a man overnight. I love it. It gets kinda difficult to [spend time in public] because fatherhood is kinda the hot story that’s around me right now, everybody wants to know [about us]. I was out in L.A. and everybody’s trying their best to get pictures of my daughter, so you know, it’s not easy.” (SOHH)

Earlier this month, RB singer The-Dream revealed married music couple Jay-Z and Beyonce’s excitement with their first baby on the way.
The producer/songwriter tells that his good friends Jay-Z and Beyonce stay just as busy as he does — which is why he’s overjoyed that the couple is expecting their first child. “They’re ecstatic, as well as they should be,” says The-Dream of Jay-Z and Beyonce, who announced her pregnancy at the MTV Video Music Awards. “I love it for them because they work so hard. To start a family after you’ve worked so hard is great. It’s great for her to be at a certain place in their life where she can say, ‘Okay, cool. I’ve killed it for this many years, but let me do this.’” (Billboard)

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