Saturday, 16 July 2011

Streetseekers Interview With The Outlawz

STREETSEEKERS: E.D.I can you tell us how you got in the game?

THE OUTLAWZ (E.D.I. MEAN): Born in Brooklyn I was pretty much born into it man, my mom used to listen to all the early hip-hop back in the 80’s so i was always listening to it and it was all around me so i was basically born into the game.

STREETSEEKERS: Who were your Influences when you was coming up?

THE OUTLAWZ (E.D.I MEAN): You know, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, N.W.A all them from back in the day i was listening to it all.

STREETSEEKERS: So how did The Outlawz come together?

THE OUTLAWZ: Well we all childhood friends one way or another whether it be from different circles or whatever some of us are related and some of us are high school friends that includes Pac, thats pretty much how it happened.

STREETSEEKERS: What was like to work with and alongside the legend that is 2pac?

THE OUTLAWZ: It something none of us will ever forget EVER, it’s hard to describe it like you gotta be there to know, the only way we can describe is, it’s like playing for the (Chicago) bulls and we all playing trying to win and we got Jordan it’s like damn we just look back like DAMN!!!

STREETSEEKERS: So what’s new with The Outlawz?

THE OUTLAWZ: Well we got the mixtape out right now and at this moment in time we working on the album and we doing a bit of touring too.

STREETSEEKERS: Can you tell us about the mixtape and the tour?
THE OUTLAWZ: Yeah the mixtape is called KILLUMINATI 2K10 it came out October 31st and thats out to download now. Touring wise we were in Australia in February and we got a couple of things in Europe coming up too.

STREETSEEKERS: Can you elaborate on why you decided to call the tape Killumanati?

THE OUTLAWZ: Well as everyone knows it significant to us but, killuminati is a play on Illuminati which stands for fear and it holds this hold stigma and its a scary thought for alot of people hence the halloween release date for the mixtape.

STREETSEEKERS: You mentioned the album can you tell us a little bit more about that?

THE OUTLAWZ: The album is called PERFECT TIMING it going to be released on Universal worldwide and will be available for digital download on i-tunes etc, we got Scarface on there, we got Mystikal on there and we got Tech N9ne on there and we got the single 100 mph which features Bun B and Lloyd. It’s a new sound a more mature sound for us and we real excited and looking forward to it all getting wrapped up, we not gunna sit here and say it hot because everybody be saying that when there new product drops but we are definitley proud of it and we think the fans will enjoy it. We dropped it around March/April of this year.

STREETSEEKERS: How would you describe the single 100 mph?

THE OUTLAWZ: Well it’s definitley part of our new sound our new mature sound you know. It a song for the clubs and it a song for when the weather nice and you wanna drive around with the speakers up and the top down.

STREETSEEKERS: You say you have a new and more mature sound can you tell us more about that?

THE OUTLAWZ: Well no intelligent person will stay the same and we are no exception, you gotta change up and try new things, i mean there is always gunna be things you can talk about like money, crime politics and whatever but don’t be expecting to hear old drama because that’s dead and gone.

STREETSEEKERS: What advice can you give to any up and coming artists?

THE OUTLAWZ: Yeah, you gotta get yourself out there but be an individual and just do you and don’t be out there doing it for money you gotta be out there doing it for passion.

STREETSEEKERS: Have you got a message for any of your fans out here in the UK?

THE OUTLAWZ: UK you know we love y’all, we cant wait to get out there. Follow us on Twitter and head on over to to check out everything about whats going on with us and once again we love y’all and we thank you and appreciate all your support.

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